I was pursuing a psych degree in college when I dropped out to pursue my dream: audio for video games. No regrets. I love the job, and the move was the right one for me. That said, now that I've worked in this industry long enough, I realize it's not the dream I thought it was. It's hard work at times, long hours… » 5/14/13 8:48am 5/14/13 8:48am

Windows has better music production options? Where does THAT argument come from? For a long time Mac was dominant in music/audio production. Nowadays they're virtually identical. There are still a few tools that are platform exclusive, but just about all of the major players are selling their stuff for both operating… » 4/30/13 5:45pm 4/30/13 5:45pm

I knew a guy when I worked at Gearbox Software (makers of Borderlands) who had "International Man of Leisure" as the title on his business card. Loved it. I've wanted to get "Noisy Ninja" on mine for years (I work in game sound), but I've never felt compelled enough to actually order them. » 2/13/13 11:54am 2/13/13 11:54am